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Our mission is to become one of the leading LCD and LCD module manufacturer in the market.

In June 2001, Tak Shun Technology Group ( commenced liquid crystal displays (LCD) commercial production, receiving a positive response from market trials. The group finished the installation of another advanced LCDs production line by mid of March 2002. After the commencement of operation of the production line, the monthly capacity is increased to 110,000 units, which is more than double the existing capacity of 50,000 units per month. It will enable the Group to produce LCDs for products with specific requirements, thus, improving overall production flexibility. It will also save time and lower production costs, and reduce our reliance on suppliers. The LCDs produced will not only serve as parts for the Group's products, but will also be sold to other manufacturers in accordance with market needs, generating a new income source for the Group.

In June 2004, the Group has finished installing the 3rd LCD production line. As the new LCDs production line is equipped with highly sophisticated technology, it will produce high-end LCDs. Additionally, the Group will be able to produce advanced supertwisted nematic-liquid crystal displays (STN & FSTN) by upgrading the new LCDs production facilities in the future. This new production line will both strengthen the Group's manufacturing capacity and enhance our abilities to produce hi-tech products.

In order to expand our LCD business and provide a better service to our beloved customers, in 2005, Advance Display Technology has formed to operate all LCD & LCD module business in Hong Kong.